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Finance Leaders

Reduce cost centres, take greater control over IT spend and drive down system numbers.

Reduce costs and create the ultimate real-time data warehouse

Reduce cost centres

Create self-service applications that remove the need for employee data processing and improve the company’s ability to scale.

Spend control

Reduce your reliance on old, core system development by building on a modern technology stack.

Rationalise license spend

Decrease the number of systems you use to optimise costs and the availability of cross department data.

Benefit from all the essential tools and features to quickly deploy, customise and scale a flexible application for your business.

Why financial leaders love our platform

We’re not just about apps. Many of the CFOs we work with utilise Applications Platform and its incredible integration engine to create the ultimate real-time data warehouse.

The ultimate reporting platform

Utilise the platform’s native charts and dashboards, drop your favourite BI or reporting engine on top, or integrate existing systems and automate reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports or SSRS.

Transform spreadsheets into something amazing

Convert spreadsheets into an online database app within minutes, and remove skewed formulas, equations and inaccurate figures.

Real-time data

Access real-time business critical information, statistics, reports or financial figures from any mobile device, regardless of location.

Cross-system visibility

Achieve full visibility of relevant data from multiple business systems and databases through enterprise-level integration and automation, via easy-to-use, graphical tools.

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