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Online quotation template to remove misquote errors, improve quote to close rates and enhance performance.

Develop better apps, faster
Develop better apps, faster

A fully hosted environment to rapidly build bespoke applications, create branded web portals or deploy from ready-made templated applications.

Win new business with a professional online quotation template

Ideal for both small and large organisations, the online quotation template is the perfect tool for your sales team to remove misquote errors and improve quote to close rates. Quickly and easily create, deliver and track company branded quotes to standardise pricing.

Smart quoting, anytime, anywhere

Standardise your online quotation template to deliver professional looking quotes, as well as manage and monitor all existing quotes, in just a few simple clicks.

Consistent quote templates fit for purpose

Standardise quote details including pricing, discounts, VAT and trade pricing to improve quote consistency and close rates.

Maintain visibility

Increase sales conversion by gaining complete visibility into the management of quotes raised and delivered, approve discount rates and schedule follow up calls.

Configurable interface

Within just a few clicks, configure and customise quoting templates unique to your organisation, products and services and quote processes.

Streamline quote to order processes

Seamlessly integrate your online quoting template with primary business systems to remove repetitive data entry and increase the speed and accuracy of quote delivery.

Streamline your quoting process

Quote anytime, anywhere

Multi-device compatibility ensures that creating, viewing and providing quotes is quick and easy, regardless of device or location.

Catalogue synchronisation

Automatically synchronise catalogue information such as pricing, description, spec sheets, volume in stock, to reduce cross platform data entry through system integration.

Logical workflow approval

Add business logic and approval rules with single and multi-level authorisations for discount approval requests.

Eliminate quoting bottlenecks and streamline your sales cycle by providing teams with easy, multi-device access to real-time pricing for accurate and timely quotes.

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FAQs: Quoting

Most Relevant
The quoting template provides you with the base to standardise professional looking quotes including quote creation, delivery and tracking.
Standard modules include: Contacts, opportunities, activities, products, price lists and tax codes, quotations, job management and reporting.
Products can be imported by using a CSV file or by integrating your other business systems with our dedicated integration solution.
You can manage essential account and contact information such as contact details, account details, address clarification, customer discount percentage, accounting details, order history, quotes pending etc.
Localisation of currency symbols can be configured within the application.
Yes, the Quoting application allows you to automatically create and distribute reports such as conversion rates, repeat business per month, converted / unconverted quotes, KPIs etc. Reports can be created in PDF format for sending via HTML email.
Our dedicated integration solution facilitates integration between practically any on-premises or cloud-based business system such as accounting, ERP, CRM or WMS software. For more information on our integration solution visit our integration page.
Yes, you can create sales order that include product details, price lists and tax codes, order number, discount levels and multiple product lines.
Quotes can be generated in PDF for sending or printing and sent via HTML email.
General FAQs
Yes, all our applications provide you with the ability to read/write information, add your own company logo and create custom CSS styles.
Don’t worry, our professional services team is on hand to discuss your objectives, scope, plan, build and deploy your application to meet your exact business requirements.
The technical requirements couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a computer and internet connection to start building applications or customise application templates.
Supported databases include MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
Yes, you can build custom Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, plain text and XML document templates that are used to display record data in pre-specified locations.
Yes, our specialised drag and drop integration solution provides you with a graphical user interface (GUI) to integrate existing on-premises or cloud-based business systems or applications and automate the synchronisation of data. You can connect to practically any data source via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or an extensive range of supported third-party APIs through connectors.
We provide full UK-based support and advice that is just a phone call away.
90% of applications built on Applications Platform are either 'code-free' or only contain simple scripts for field formulas etc.
As a PaaS provider, the continuation of service is one of our core competencies. If an unforeseen issue disrupted service, a backup would automatically be commissioned, and your level of service would be uninterrupted.
Yes, you can try the application right now. Select 'Try now' and dive straight in or call our team who will help set you up.
All of our templated solutions benefit from Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS), whilst applications are encoded with Base64 for complete peace of mind. Other security features include; single sign on, password expiration policies and IP whitelists, which enable the administrator to control application access with incredible precision.
Yes, it provides a native responsive interface for a total cross-device experience.

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