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Low-code features that can deliver a true end-to-end solution

Future proof your business by turning your ideas into flexible low-code applications through point and click technology.

Build beautiful multi-channel apps in weeks, not months

All the low-code features and tools you need to design, develop, integrate and deploy custom online database applications, that can scale up or down, to provide a 100% fit with fast moving business requirements.

Create stunning applications using simple drag and drop components, but have the freedom to deep dive into code such as JavaScript and HTML if you want to. Nothing is off limits.
Be presented with the right information you need, at the right time and in a format that is easy to read.
Provide your employees, customers or suppliers with custom portals that replicate the look and feel of your business and are fully integrated with back end systems.
With options for both a private and public cloud, you have greater control over data access and costs.
On top of a powerful API, we provide an enterprise-grade integration and automation platform that allows you to connect to practically any data source via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or an extensive range of supported third-party APIs through connectors.
On top of industry standard security features, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS), encoded Base64, single sign on and password expiration policies, the platform can even be locked down to the IP address of individual users.
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Create engaging apps to run on any device

Fully responsive
Ensure your end users dynamically receive content on desktop, mobile and tablet devices for the best user experience.
Business logic
Define, customise and implement business logic with workflow processes, statuses and actions, such as triggered notifications and workflow authorisations.
Low-code environment
Start small then scale custom applications quickly, through drag and drop technology, to meet fast changing business environments.
Multiple delivery methods
Send notifications via email, SMS or compatible messenger APIs
Improve productivity
Provide teams with tools that allow them to concentrate on other activities important to the business.
Increase company revenue
Develop applications faster than traditional methods, to go to market faster and help drive strategic business goals that increase performance and ROI.
Reduce development costs
Save your organisation time and money by spending less time on costly projects by rapidly streamlining the development process.
Reduce risk
Reduce the risk of bespoke coding unique to the way employees work.

Powerful UI and mobile ready as standard

Build applications through simple drag and drop technology.

Quick start guide

Quick start guide

Why not trial our low-code platform and build your first prototype today?

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Full strength integration and automation

We don’t just offer an API as our integration offering. Applications Platform comes with an industrial-strength integration and automation engine.